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To seize new business opportunities

With 56.8% of the market share, Yandex Direct is the largest search engine in Russia. By combining it with Dooh’s systems, audio platforms, videos, and proprietary maps, Yandex Direct offers an incredible advertising opportunity for the Russian market.

If your business actually targets this market or wants to expand in this country, you can’t ignore this technology company that builds its services based on a sophisticated machine learning structure. The possibility to build omnichannel campaigns, combined with a high level of user profiling, allows you to create very precise audiences to show products and services to increase brand awareness, get qualified leads, and sales.

Omnichannel strategy for a fast-growing market

Thanks to the video formats, search, display, maps, music and Dooh, Yandex Direct allows you to build real multi-channel strategies without being affected by the accuracy of the audience. The low investments that are still being made by European companies on Yandex Direct today, make its ecosystem a great investment opportunity. In particular, the user recognition technologies applied to Digital Out Of Home (Dooh) ads as in billboards, make even the classic advertisement become measurable, with the attribution of the cost only if a passer-by is intercepted in target with the targeted audience.

A real true view system that, by crossing data with the location of smartphones, also includes online remarketing actions. A real opportunity to enter or grow in the Russian market, with a highly integrated omnichannel presence. 

If you want to start receiving outlined and qualified leads or increase your sales with strategically designed and professionally structured campaigns for Russia, Yandex Direct is a perfect choice.

Getting results on Yandex Direct is not science fiction. Should we begin?

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