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To seize new business opportunities

With 560 million users, LinkedIn, constantly growing in Italy as well, is the world’s largest

professional network.

If you are not targeting teenagers, but key figures of other companies or an audience with a medium / high education and a salary that has already gained good professional experience, LinkedIn is the right channel to increase your brand awareness and get qualified leads.

Targeting B2B in a native format

Thanks to the extremely detailed and precise targeting possibilities, it is possible to reach professionals based on the size of the company, title, job function, the sector they belong to and more.

The added value of advertising formats and native LinkedIn Ads will allow you to receive contacts of users interested in your products or services without leaving the platform.


conversion rate vs. search ads
*Fonte: Hubspot

If you want to receive profiled and qualified leads through strategically designed and professionally structured campaigns, Linkedin Ads is a perfect choice.

Getting results on LinkedIn is not science fiction. Should we begin?

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