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The zenith of online advertising

In the panorama of our performance-based agency competences, Google Ads is the instrument in which our experience finds its maximum expression: since the beginning, we have followed the growth of the platform, from when it was a small incandescent star until it became a white giant star in all its power.

Thanks to the direct partnership with Google, each of our strategic actions develops and evolves knowing in advance the evolutions, the possibilities and the powerful means offered by the Big G.

A privileged look at a constantly changing universe, which we know how to master in order to maximize the components of campaigns that work best while eliminating what does not bring measurable economic benefits.







Conversions (sales, leads, bookings, installs)

Strategic approach

We evaluate the client’s goals analytically and in a quantifiable way
We carry out market analysis to extrapolate the direct and latent demand for the products and services that the company wants to advertise
We study a personalized strategic plan where the mix of campaigns, the budgets, and the targeting have been selected to achieve the expected result

A complex ecosystem

Google Ads offers companies numerous possibilities to reach their online customers: from the discovery of the brand to the fulfillment of a sale to the finalization of registration to the obtaining of a lead, following all the stages of the conversion process.

Google specialization on Search Network campaigns

Google Search Ads

An intense search of the most appropriate keywords; A semantic and granular subdivision of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords; The removal of search terms that do not bring value; A continuous monitoring and constant optimizations.
All of this will allow you to reach more and more qualified customers at the lowest possible cost.

  • 92,31% market share search ads Worldwide
  • 95,82% market share search ads Italy

In a high competition scenario, it is far from trivial to better manage search ads campaigns
that can generate a significant ROI.

We are able to do this with analysis, strategic approaches, and execution aimed at the semantic segmentation of campaigns, with the purpose of presenting users with ads as consistent and pertinent as possible with their intentions in order to maximize the chances of conversion to the lowest cost for the company.

Google specialization on Network Display campaigns

Google Display Ads

Today, 90% of the websites in the world are part of the Google Display Network: proposing your advertisement on all content sites and apps on Google’s network is an opportunity that should not be underestimated.

To stimulate the users’ latent demand, we outline the company’s typical customers based on their demographic profile, interests and past behavior on your website.

  • 96.5% ability to reach people connected to the Internet Worldwide
  • Lower CPCs on the search network

One of the great advantages of display advertising is the possibility to extend the reach of an advertising campaign beyond the boundaries of the Google Search Network also to engage users who have not converted at the first visit.

With a high volume of traffic, low costs and a high number of views, we are able through the Google View network to create brand results with high-impact advertising formats.

Google specialization on Google Shopping campaigns

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the ideal service to maximize the sales of e-commerce because it places the ads of the products that are for sale in the Google SERP with formats that include images, price, and name of the retailer.

When showing targeted ads in search of related products, a Shopping campaign intercepts highly qualified leads: users who are very close to the purchase.

  • +34% year over year investment
  • +63% year over year revenue

We base our approach on the meticulous segmentation of product categories and groups: this allows us to apply specific offers according to their profitability.

Furthermore, by interacting with dynamic remarketing campaigns on the Display network, we are able to expand the reach of a shopping campaign by showing again the products seen by users to exponentially increase the possibility of generating sales: a lost customer is not forever.

Google specialization on Video Campaigns on Youtube

Google Video Ads

YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, is the space where users consume video content, the most engaging and exciting advertising format, ideal for companies that want to increase their brand awareness but not only.

In fact, the latest innovations we can find in video advertising formats, for example, a “call to action” which is aimed at sales and lead generation, are an additional incentive to expand the possibilities offered by the video ad and so discover new boundaries in performance-based advertising.

Experience and real-time updates on the news offered by the Google advertising platform are the added value that we offer you in experimenting with new strategies, new approaches, and new formats in order to maximize the expected results.

Do you want to experience the ultimate expression of digital advertising?

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