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Yandex Direct Partner

Yandex Direct is Russia’s largest Advertising Network.

Only 7 companies in Italy, us included, have the qualification ofPartner.

With its multi-channel ecosystem that includes not only the search engine but also websites, apps, and interactive offline advertising tools, Yandex Direct reaches 80% of Russian internet users, with over 4 billion daily impressions.

Two factors determine the success of our advertising network. First is the quality of our audience and the manual selection of sites. Second is making sure that advertisers have the tools they need for control this quality.

Eugene LomizeDirector, strategic development of Yandex advertising technology

Having control over multiple markets is the only way to not lose a competitive advantage, especially if they have high potential like the Russian one. This is why we studied the Yandex Direct platform thoroughly, managed campaigns and large budgets in various sectors, so much so that we became partners.

Whether it is for the expansion of your business, or for the strategic country status, we are able to best support advertising strategies in Russia, making the most of the Cross-Platform approach.

What more does a Yandex Direct Partner agency offer:

Access to analytics tools that are not available to other agencies

Access to beta products and news not yet available on the public market

Premium support

Yandex team of specialists reserved for the agency

One-to-many and one-to-one events with the Yandex team in Italy

Specialized assistance in account optimizations

Be sure to maximize your ROI on Yandex Direct by relying on one of the very few Partner agencies. We will take your business to the next level in the many possibilities offered by the Russian market.

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