We are a team of professionals who firmly believe in hyper-specialization, continuous training and innovation resulting from the experimentation of new methodologies and approaches to 100% performance-based advertising.

+1mln euro of budget managed per year

In their careers, our campaign managers praise over 26 million euros, managed in more than 21 countries, especially in the complex and ultra-competitive US market.

But experience itself is not enough.
In order to keep up with the innovations taking place in the digital advertising field, advanced training and real-time update are the necessary pieces to provide you with high-quality results.

Every day (Advertising almost never sleeps) we dedicate ourselves passionately to
our client’s campaigns to see their business grow.

This is why they love us.

Valerio Ronchi

CEO & Founder

I founded Fragos Media in 201… with the goal of implementing in Italy the deep know-how that I acquired in the performance marketing field on international markets during my six previous years of career.
Years in which I was Chief Operating Officer for one of the major 100%
performance-based agencies and where I had the great opportunity to work directly with clients of the caliber of Yahoo !, Microsoft, Ask.com, and Google.
There, in an environment of strong competition like the US, I experienced the dynamics that rule digital advertising platforms and I developed my personal approach.
In other words, a different vision of how companies can rethink digital investments in order to strongly support their growth, both in economic and entrepreneurial mindset terms.
An approach that I decline in every project in order to take you to the result.